LAWRENCE VAN HAGEN founder of LVH ART and curator of the What's Up exhibitions, presents dynamic surveys dedicated to supporting emerging artists, often by creating a dialogue between them and the more institutional artists, those in the public eye today.

We seek out the most innovative artworks through a careful selection. Extensive research from galleries, institutions, private art foundations, fairs, biennials and artists’ studios around the world, allow us to assess who are the most interesting artists to look out for today. Each exhibition is curated within unusual settings in London, Paris and New York, enhancing the initial concept.
Art Advisory Services
LVH ART is a family-run business invested in helping clients navigate the international art markets from Modern and post-war up to the latest contemporary art by introducing our clients to both recognized and more emerging contemporary artists. We provide strategic advice to buyers and sellers.

In collaboration with Smart Fine Arts Ltd. founded in 1995, we are committed to use our experience in assessing each client’s needs on an individual basis. We tailor our services in order to suit the most unique requirements with upmost discretion and confidentiality.

We guide our clients through potential purchases from A to Z and beyond.


We provide price evaluation on all artworks and will professionally assess their condition.


We provide all pre-sale and post-sale logistics in order to facilitate the sale and movement of an art work.

We offer curatorial assistance, including advice regarding shipping, import/export implications, research, framing, conservation, lighting, installation, security, and storage.


We ensure the due diligence and the good status of all artworks when needed.


Our extensive network gives us the possibility of integrating our client’s artworks into leading museum exhibitions around the world.
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